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Company Introduction

Ningbo Label New Material Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 8 million, is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of adhesive tapes, packaging tapes, protective tapes and special tapes. It has a professional team and professional sales, R & D, production, after-sales service management personnel.
Since its establishment, the company has continuously absorbed advanced production technology and management experience, and improved production efficiency while improving the technological content of products. The entire production process of the product is automated, and all the processes are completed independently. The above tapes can be customized with various properties and specifications according to customer requirements to meet the individual needs of users to the greatest extent, forming transparent over-lamination films, Matte over-lamination films, ordinary packaging tape, ultra-transparent packaging tape, high temperature resistant PET tape, water filtration protection tape, special tape and other products, all products comply with REACH, ROSH, national environmental protection and VOC content standards, the company is willing to use its own high-quality products, sound sales network and perfect customer service system, and strive to meet the growing market demand.
Label New Materials Co., Ltd. advocates people-oriented and humanized management. With the enterprise spirit of "continuously surpassing oneself, persistent pursuit of quality", with the business tenet of "customer first, better quality, honest management, and better service", with the staff education policy of "learning to be a person first, then learning to do things", attaching great importance to the enterprise The development of culture and the improvement of overall quality.
Label New Materials Co., Ltd. has in-depth research and production experience in printing surface treatment. The products produced by Label New Materials Co., Ltd. are currently sold in Europe, America, China and other markets. There is a good reputation in the industry, the single product efficiency ranks in the forefront of the market, and the market and customers are accumulated. Label New Materials Co., Ltd. is preparing to start the water-based adhesive R&D and industrialization project based on its own and market foundation. Promotion, to make the product development, production and use process greener and more environmentally friendly.