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5 leading BOPP films manufacturers delighting users

February 16,2023

5 Leading bopp Films Manufacturers Delighting Users

There are a few important things to watch out for when trying to discover a reliable manufacturer of BOPP films. They can assist you in locating a provider who will better meet your needs and satisfy your customers.

First, a quality service provider will be able to fulfill your demands thanks to their production capability. This means that you can depend on a good source to be able to produce them swiftly and dependably, regardless of whether you require BOPP medical film or a variety of specialized films, such tobacco films.

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Dunmore provides a variety of bopp film products as one of the top manufacturers of BOPP films worldwide. This comprises labels for bottles, tapes, and other items, as well as flexible packaging for snacks and other meals. Additionally, it produces all BOPP film kinds, from AA to ZWP, in-house.

In addition to offering a huge selection of various BOPP film varieties, Dunmore also creates a wide range of other goods that are applied in a variety of different fields and situations. This involves vacuum metalizing and lamination, both of which demand a high level of technical proficiency.

Working with a Chinese BOPP films manufacturer also gives you access to their production capacity, allowing you to adjust to any sudden spikes in demand. This is crucial, particularly in view of the enormous oversupply the sector has experienced since the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing financial catastrophe.

You can also benefit from the fact that numerous Chinese suppliers frequently take part in trade events and exhibitions throughout the globe. This implies that you can frequently interact with them in person, which will help you understand their qualifications and what they have to offer.

The vast majority of Chinese suppliers are also ISO 45001 certified, which is a positive indication of their dedication to creating high-quality products and conducting business in a secure atmosphere. In today's post-pandemic atmosphere, where consumers are more aware of the environmental impact of their food and other products, this is a crucial consideration.

The substantial product research and development capacity of a Chinese manufacturer is one of the most alluring features of working with them. They are likely to stay competitive and develop their offering over time as they keep investing in new technology.

The top Chinese providers may even be able to provide a considerably larger choice of services than their rivals in the rest of the world, as you may discover. For businesses aiming to save labor expenses, this may be especially crucial. These suppliers could be able to make BOPP film more affordably and with more adaptable lead times.


One of the top producers of BOPP films worldwide, Inteplast offers a selection of goods that are intended to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Their product line offers a wide range of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and ethylene-co-polymer (ECP) films, including the highly abrasion- and tear-resistant Inteplus high-barrier, cross-laminated film.

The business is renowned for its manufacturing procedures, overall quality management, and research and development. Its operations span both the US and Canada, with its headquarters in New Jersey.

Since its founding in 1991, Inteplast has expanded to include three divisions: Amtopp, which makes BOPP and stretch films; Integrated Bagging Systems, which makes can liners, foodservice film, and gloves; and World-Pak, which provides PVC boards, decking, and trim; solid and expanded PVC sheets; corrugated plastic sheets; and a patented IntePlus multi-layer, co-extruded film that is extraordinarily durable and flexible.

As a business, Inteplast is dedicated to creating goods that lessen the consumption of natural resources and save the environment. Their ISO 45001 certification serves as evidence of their dedication to this objective.

They have a specific department that monitors environmental issues to make sure their products don't hurt consumers or the environment. Additionally, they make an effort to avoid having health and safety concerns impair the productivity of their staff.

Their goods come in a number of thicknesses and are a fantastic option for many applications. They are a very environmentally beneficial choice because they are also extremely recyclable.

It's a smart move to choose a producer with a global presence for your BOPP film. You get access to a vast talent pool as a result. It also means that you may rapidly have a line of film that you commission fixed and up and running if there is a problem.

Since Inteplast has manufacturing plants all around the world, you'll never want for a product that satisfies your needs. Additionally, you won't have to worry about production delays keeping you from meeting your deadlines.

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Cosmo Films, a leading maker of BOPP films, provides its clients with high-quality goods. Its goods are known for their longevity, toughness, and resistance to shrinking. They also have superb finishing. Additionally, they have a vast global network of channel partners.

They provide services to more than 30 businesses and have a 400 million INR annual revenue. They offer specialized solutions and a large selection of plastic films.

Cosmo Films, one of the biggest producers of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films worldwide, was founded in 1981. With clients like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, CP, Reckitt Benckiser, Nestle, and Avery Dennison, it is also the foremost producer of thermal lamination films in the world.

Standard, premium, and specialized lamination film with various features and capabilities make up the company's product line. They can be applied to a variety of tasks, such as labeling, laminating, printing, and packaging.

These films also have the benefits of being portable and environmentally friendly. They also aid in lowering the waste and energy generated during the production process.

They are also strong and convenient to deal with. They can withstand heat, grease, moisture, and UV radiation. They also offer excellent dimensional stability and transparency.

They are, nevertheless, vulnerable to cyclicalities and rapidly fluctuating raw material prices. These elements have had a negative effect on their profitability.

As a result of capacity development and diversification into speciality chemicals, polymers, and petcare, profitability is projected to increase in the upcoming years. In the medium term, it is anticipated that these initiatives will enable the corporation to increase revenues by 8–10% annually.

The company currently operates three production lines with a combined yearly capacity of more than 600,000 MT. With an annual rated capacity of 67,000 MT and an estimated expenditure of Rs 350 crore, it is now building its newest facility in Aurangabad. It is planned to go live in FY 2024–2025 and will be financed by internal accruals and loans. According to sources, this will raise revenue by around Rs400–450 crore annually.


Ti is a name you can trust because it is one of the leading producers of food packaging and labeling films in the world. In addition to metallized BOPP films and other choices for a range of diverse applications, it manufactures Nativia bio-based BoPLA films.

Additionally, the business is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and assisting clients in adopting more environmentally friendly practices. It uses biodegradable and recyclable materials as a result in all of its buildings and operations.

This is a major factor in the business's ability to maintain low pricing while still providing its clients with high-quality goods. Its goods have received certification that they abide by numerous rules.

Working with a reputable supplier like Ti has the added benefit of being able to provide you with a variety of items to suit your needs. If you need to develop bespoke products for particular uses, this is extremely useful.

You'll receive excellent service and have a positive experience all the way through from a strong source. You should be able to contact an expert who will handle your request with ease, whether you need to acquire medical film or another specialty BOPP film.

Additionally, the best suppliers will be able to provide you a large range of various film types and qualities, making it easier for you to find the ideal fit for your company's requirements. This is especially helpful if you're looking for a certain kind of film to fit a particular purpose you have in mind.

Moreover, a high-quality BOPP film might be a very economical choice for you if you're seeking for a substitute for cellophane or other conventional packaging materials. Because it is recyclable with PP containers and enables you to make personalized labels with a high yield, it is also a highly popular option for packing food products.

The demand for BOPP films is expanding globally, with China producing the vast bulk of them. However, the overstock problem has begun to seriously affect that market as capacity exceeds demand. This is a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has had a severe effect on various businesses, as well as investments in expansion by Chinese suppliers.

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