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BOPP Film Manufacturers in the USA

March 03,2023

bopp Film Manufacturers in the USA

Whether you need BOPP medical films, BOPP tobacco films, or any other specialty product manufactured, you can benefit from using a high-quality provider. First of all, you want a supplier that offers strong service.

That means they have a large production capacity and a robust quality control system. This helps you avoid problems caused by mistakes in the manufacturing process and reduces your lead times.

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If you’re looking for a bopp film manufacturer in the USA, Dunmore Corporation is an excellent choice. Its Brewster, NY, facility manufactures films for a wide range of applications, including food and pharmaceutical packaging, but the company has also developed a technology called Gemini that allows it to produce some of the most technical thin film products in the industry.

Moreover, they have an extensive global network of production sites. Some of these are located in the USA, while others are in Europe and Asia.

Another reason that the company is worth considering is their impressive level of customer service. They always make an effort to ensure their customers’ needs are met, and they don’t hesitate to offer up specials and other discounts on occasion.

The company is also well-known for its high-quality manufacturing methods. It operates tubular production lines in Australia, the UK, and Belgium, while it uses tenter and cast technology at other locations around the world.

Finally, their production capacity is large enough to meet the needs of a huge range of end-users. This makes them ideal for companies that require specialty films, like those used in the medical and tobacco industries.

As a result, they have a solid market share and strong competitive advantages. They also regularly participate in prominent packing and packaging trade shows and exhibitions around the world, making it easy for them to connect with new and existing customers.

In addition, their business strategy is centered on sustainability and personalized services. They’re able to provide these benefits to their customers by investing in cutting-edge technology and employing top-notch employees. This, in turn, helps them maintain their competitive advantage and boost growth.


Inteplast is one of the world’s leading bopp film manufacturers and flexible packaging materials. It offers a wide range of products for a variety of industries. Its products include BOPP films, labels, tapes, and more. The company’s largest manufacturing plant is in Lolita, Texas, where it has a 575-acre facility.

In the USA, Inteplast has 50 locations across the country and employs more than 7,000 people. Its three divisions are AmTopp, which manufactures biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film; Integrated Bagging Systems, which produces can liners, foodservice films, and gloves; and World-Pak, which makes PVC boards, decking, trim, and heavy film substrates.

AmTopp’s products include both X-Treme and LoadStar brands of stretch wrap that are sold in large industrial-size rolls. They are used in a variety of applications, including food service and retail.

The AmTopp division uses quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest level of precision in its manufacturing processes. According to Stevens, AmTopp’s goal is to provide a high-quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Inteplast also manufactures a wide array of other plastic products, including corrugated board, free foam and celuka PVC sheets, cross-laminated film and bags, TUF boards, and synthetic wood. The company’s products are used in graphic arts, automotive, and packaging applications.

Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films is a multinational manufacturer of bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films. Based in New Delhi, India, it offers a range of products for packaging, labeling, and lamination applications.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of BOPP films. Its products are used by many industries worldwide, including the food and beverage, transportation and trucking, logistics and supply chain, and motion pictures and film industries.

The company focuses on its main business, but it also comes up with new products and ways to solve problems for the market. Some of its recent innovations include non-tearable synthetic paper, heat-resistant film, and recyclable plastics.

As a leader in specialty films, Cosmo Films is well-positioned to partner with leading F&B and personal care brands and packaging and printing converters in developing innovative packaging solutions for end consumers.

Several industry verticals rely on the use of high-barrier BOPP films for a number of reasons. These films offer a range of benefits, such as protection against moisture, off-gassing, and discoloration of other label materials.

For this reason, the packaging industry is focusing on using this type of film in its packaging projects. The industry is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% until 2025.

The company manufactures a wide variety of films, including barrier, heat-resistant, and laminated films. Its products are available in a range of thicknesses and coating options, and it can produce films for all applications.

The company has a number of manufacturing facilities, including plants in Baroda, Aurangabad, and Nashik. Its production lines are equipped with the latest technology and equipment from major vendors. It is committed to providing its customers with superior product quality and exceptional service.

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In the USA, there are several BOPP film manufacturers who are providing high-quality and cost-effective products to their customers. They also offer services such as coating, metalizing, and laminating. These companies have been in the industry for a long time and can provide you with customized solutions.

The US-based Polyplex manufactures a wide range of plastic films, including BOPP, CPP, and metalized ones. The company has facilities in six countries and serves customers around the world. It has a total production capacity of 465,000 tons per year.

According to the company, it plans to expand its BOPET film and resin capacity in Decatur, Alabama. Its new line, which is expected to begin operating in 2023, will have an output of 50,000 t/y.

With the increase in demand for flexible packaging, the market for BOPP films is projected to grow at a strong pace. This trend is driven by the growing food and beverage sector as well as the expansion of e-commerce.

To meet these demands, the company is investing in a new line and an offline coater in the USA. This will enhance its cost competitiveness and help it compete with other domestic suppliers as well as with off-shore suppliers.

Moreover, the company’s expansion will allow it to better serve its customers by expanding its product offerings. Its new line should be able to make thick and medium-thick films that can be used in electrical and industrial applications.

The US-based Polyplex has a total production capacity of 258,000 t/y, which includes PET film, BOPET, and PP cast films. The company operates in six countries and produces a wide range of plastic films. Its main business is PET film, which it produces at its plants in India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Turkey.

Innovia Films

Innovia Films is a leading manufacturer of specialty bopp glossy film. Its product range includes high-performance coated films, tobacco overwrap, labels, and security films. Its manufacturing plants are located in Australia, Belgium, Mexico, and the UK.

In the USA, the company’s facility has a capacity of up to 86,000 tons per year. The company offers innovative solutions according to the needs of its customers. It also focuses on providing quality and eco-friendly products to its clients.

The company uses bubble and tenter technology to manufacture its BOPP plastic film. This ensures that the film is durable, versatile, and eco-friendly. Its films can be used for a wide variety of applications and are internationally certified recyclable.

Its products are known for their superior print quality and clarity. They can be printed with a wide range of printing processes, including offset, screen, and letterpress.

This makes them ideal for packaging products such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics. They provide consistent seal integrity and can withstand moisture, grease, and oxygen exposure. These characteristics allow the products to retain their shelf life and help reduce food waste.

Another important benefit of the film is its low permeability, which helps prevent contamination from external sources. This property is critical for the food industry, as it ensures that products don’t contaminate each other.

Moreover, the BOPP film has better thermal stability than other plastics. This feature is a major reason why the film is widely adopted in the food packaging industry. It is also a good barrier for moisture and aroma, thereby reducing the risk of spoilage.

As one of the best BOPP film manufacturers in the USA, Innovia Films produces a wide range of quality and environmentally friendly products. It has 1400 employees around the world.