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Why our over-lamination tape more environmentally friendly?

August 15,2022

1.Because no heating is required during the lamination process.

Using water as a solvent, the VOC content of the product is significantly reduced. After drying, the water vapor is discharged into the atmosphere without causing environmental pollution. At the same time, it also meets the national requirements for reducing carbon emissions. Use water-based acrylic glue it also meets the requirements of Reach, ROHS, California 65 and other major banned substances regulations in the world.

2. Less consumption of resources

Water-based adhesives are discharged to the atmosphere in the form of water vapor after drying, and will re-condensate into water in the atmosphere, which will not consume resources compared with solvent-based adhesives. Based on the company's annual output of 20,000 tons, 50% of the water-based consumption can reduce the country's consumption of solvent resources by 10,000 tons per year.

3.The safety is higher.

The proportion of water in the water-based adhesive is about 50%. The flash point of the product is close to that of water, and safety problems such as combustion and explosion are less likely to occur during production and transportation.

4. Compared with traditional oil-based glue, water-based glue has excellent gloss and transparency, anti-aging and anti-yellowing.

It has good post-processing performance, and can press fine lines, bronzing, silvering, UV, etc. After use, the machines and tools are cleaned with water to improve the production environment, completely eliminate the occurrence of static fire accidents during the lamination process of oily products, and ensure the health of production personnel. Good temperature resistance, no foaming at 60°C or -18°C for 120h.We have many varieties ofover-lamination tape, such asmatte lamination filmtape.We also have other hot products such assoft touch lamination tape,If you need our products, please contact over-lamination tape manufacturer .